March 2016

U.S. based Just Chill Out records have released Smoke and Mirrors – check it out and other cool sounds on their website.

Jan 2016

We have a new track called Smoke and Mirrors – go to the home page to check it out…


APRIL 2015

Great vibe at the Petersham Bowling Club last night. The T.O. loved it.

Live at PBC April 2015

Live at PBC April 2015

The Townie gig was a blast. Really looking forward to playing at the Petersham Bowling Club on April 17th…Here are a couple of pics from rehearsal


George rehearsing (April 2015)






Gavin rehearsing (April 2015)










MARCH 2015     Telemetry Orchestra to play 2 Sydney shows in April


Check out our recent interview for indigits magazine here –




Sydney Morning Herald – 20.12.13        3.5/5 stars

Where to file this terrific new release from Sydney pairing Telemetry Orchestra? Well it would nestle nicely between Stereolab and Marie Laforet LPs. Those who organise by genre might pop it in the new-wave section stretching from XTC to the Polyphonic Spree. But loose alphabetisers will smile inwardly finding it jammed between Troubleman, Tooth and the Thomas Crown Affair soundtrack. Following on from their second and third milestone CDs – Children Stay Free and Empire – Charlotte Whittingham and Gavin Angus-Leppan expand those albums’ ideas while also injecting new verve. In obvious single, Silvertongue, a ‘60’s keyboard motif arrives too late to forewarn of the chorus’ bombshell: a sublime half-time tempo switch full of Bondesque drama and near-fatal beauty-stabs of fuzz-guitar and bottled orchestra. The remaining five songs are just as good. (Paris Pompor)


Pics I found today – An old photo of the band and a poster Steve designed in the “Empire” era..

Telemetry Orchestra Photo: Julie.

Telemetry Orchestra
Photo: Julie.

T.O release Empire Design: Steve Scott

T.O release Empire
Design: Steve Scott

November – 2013

The tunes have now been sent out beyond the confines of the home studio. Thanks to 2SER for all the kind words and airplay !! For some reason there seem to be quite a number of listeners in Brazil and the Netherlands…hello – wherever you are.

October – 2013

Out of Nowhere the E.P. has been released. We hope you enjoy the tunes !

September – 2013

Friends from the band The HEAD have released an E.P. called Zebrafied on bandcamp. Charlotte sings on a track called “Vintage”, Steve Kilbey (The Church) and George Turnure (Merle Morris) also sing on it too.

Check it out here

May – 2013

Ok  – 5 out of 6 tracks are now ready to go, and we have a name for the E.P. It will be called “Out of Nowhere”, which is also the title of one the tracks.

April – 2013

Big day today – as the 3rd track of our E.P.(track is called “Hover”) was mixed in the home studio. Still not sure what to call the E.P. (always the hardest part of the process it seems)…

October – 2012

The U.S made feature film Few Options directed by George Pappy & starring Kenny Johnson, Rainn Wilson,  Brad Dourif , Erin Daniels , Michael Sheen  & Laura San Giacomo is due for an Australian release in November after having already screened in the United States, Cannes & throughout Eastern Europe.  The film features three Telemetry Orchestra tracks.

Telemetry Orchestra 2006



DROWNED IN SOUND – Review by Alex Hegazy  2006

Out of the sonic ether emerges Empire, the third album from Australian daydreamers Telemetry Orchestra.

In the past the band have notched up radio play on some of Australia s best known radio stations, including ABC and JJJ. But now they are doing the rounds with kaleidoscopic ‘Stawberry Fields’-esque single ‘Under The Cherry Tree’, featuring Steve Scott s spaced out vocal hook. Currently, this song can be seen canoodling with an animation in video podcast form and is a splendid induction into Telemetry’s world of silent movies, moustaches, far-out Eastern landscapes and ’60s psychedelia. But if you thought all this added up to a retro sound, you would be mistaken: Telemetry Orchestra also gaze boldy into the future, featuring a strong electronic presence that ranges from warm and fuzzy analogue synths to strict electronic beats. There are also guitar sounds that creep in, like on the fluffy but trumpety ‘Miles Away’ and the harmonious breeze of ‘Face It Now’.

The main feeling that Empire imbues is the fluidity of consciousness, along with a driving, carefree attitude and a need to go on laidback sofa-surfing excursions into multi-coloured synesthetic realms. Other musicial projects that invoke a similar reaction and are reminiscent of the TO sound include Air and Broadcast, particularly when Charlotte Whittingham steps up to the mic….If you like lounging around, thinking creatively and going on musical trips then Telemetry Orchestra are right up your smoking jacket street. If sometimes you need a break from the hectic demands of daily life but can t afford to go anywhere exotic, then arm yourself with suitable bubble bath means and a copy of_ Empire _to create the perfect atmospheric shortcut.

HUFFINGTON POST – by Phil Ramone and Danielle Evin 7/3/09

Telemetry Orchestra is the completely luxurious trio comprised of London-loving Sydneysiders Charlotte Whittingham, Gavin Angus-Leppan, and Steven Scott. Since its debut in the late ’90s, Telemetry Orchestra has released three albums and a handful of singles. Bewitching and spell-casting is “Channel Three,” from their 2006 CD Empire.

“simply the finest and most enjoyable listening experience that’s been my fortune to have had all year.”
(Mark Barton,


‘Empire lives in that moment at the end of a date, where you’re waiting to be asked up for coffee. The night will either end civilised or potentially wild, but you currently have no idea. An edgy chill-out record, this is one for the absinthe-sipper waiting for Picasso to come and paint his blank canvas of a mind.


“Light years from the instrumental electronics of their 1998 debut, here Sydney trio Telemetry Orchestra continue developing the jangly pop of 2003’s Children Stay Free. This third LP’s first single, Under The Cherry Tree is an infectious opener. It has a touch of the Cocteau Twins, had that band been more sing-a-long. The male-female lead vocal partnership is nonchalantly cool across the album’s trippy fuzz-electro, bustling sampled rhythms and whirlpool guitar. Think Stereolab abouard the Yellow Submarine.”
(Paris Pompour, SMH Metro)


“This isn’t your standard dance floor offering. The prevailing sound is organic. No overpro- duction. No bullshit. Definitely something to check out.”

“Wonderfully wonky and dreamy at the same time – like someone slipped a little something in your warm milk and honey before bed.”
Andrew Khedoori (2SER)

“Deliciously lush Sunday after-noon stuff that’s going to please indie kids, valium heads and coming down ravers in equal parts.”

“An album full of marvel and sophistication. The band’s inclusion of singer/songwriter Charlotte Whittingham has definitely been a plus. You could exhaust all the band comparison possibilities (Mum, Hope Sandoval, early Sneaker Pimps) but it’s undeniable Telemetry Orchestra have thoroughly minted their own sound.”
Juice Magazine 8/10

“The album’s 11 tracks are built on melodies that defy musical gravity, with dozing bass lines and dreamy harmonies.”

“A real grower from local trio Telemetry Orchestra, whose initial apparent languidness gradually reveals a perverse intensity and an otherworldly pastoral fell that’s entirely beguiling, ingeniously mind-melding ethereal electro-folk with a tough, rootsy organic bedrock. An unassuming gem.”
Ministry Mag